Management Research News: Volume 24 Issue 1/2


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A differentiation focus strategy provoked by changing environments: the American life insurance industry approaching Asian Americans

Fu Long

Considers the reasons why the insurance industry began to target the Asian American population. Looks at the strategies employed and the changes which were required in operational…


How professional are our professional bodies – the differences in admittance procedures

John Pratten, Ruth Ashford

Attempts to indicate good practice within national examining boards and professional bodies with various GCSE and A level boards, considering the codes of practice issued by the…

Marketing groundwork

Peter Jones

Outlines the work of groundwork, a leading environmental regeneration charity actively involved in 150 towns and cities in the UK. Shows how the charity focuses upon working in…


This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/01409170010781984. When citing the…


How to orient employees into new positions successfully

Valerie D. Davis, Brian H. Kleiner

States that the successful orientation of new employees is vital for any business. Considers the various phases which the process can involve such as new employees and promotional…


The role of ACAS

Susan Curtis, Dennis Wright

Outlines the make‐up and role of ACAS. Considers the different areas of their work i.e. collective conciliation, advisory services, individual conciliation, and promotion work…


Management learning and team based working

Bill Williamson, David Bright, Bill Parkin

Explores the concept of teamworking and the wholesale changes in attitudes, systems and practices which the idea brings. Considers the cultural and communication issues which…



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