Management Research News: Volume 23 Issue 7/8


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Changes affecting leadership and its importance in organisations

Tanja Mnich Pierce, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers five forces which affect leadership in the twenty‐first century. Discusses each, in turn, and provides brief examples from industry. Outlines changes required for…


How to hire employees effectively

Steve Taylor, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines eight specific inadequacies resulting in ineffective job hiring. Discusses ways to find the right person, suggests where employers should direct their searches, and…


Global trends in motivating employees

Joni Romero, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at global trends for employee motivation, emphasizing that positive reinforcement is the key to motivation. States that reward, recognition, stability and cultural…


New developments concerning managing human factors for safety

Phyllis A. Ayers, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the current scenario regarding work‐related injuries and states that most company policies are built on the occupational safety and health administration programmes…


Effective employment screening practices

Garnet Frankenfield, Brian H. Kleiner

States the reasons why companies should screen candidates, and provides brief examples from industry. Outlines a framework for screening, quoting Malcolm Wheatley, of the UK’s…


New developments in employment applications

Huong T. Phan, Brian H. Kleiner

Discusses the reasons for the development of new procedures within recruitment with particular reference to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Equal Employment…


Best in class staffing practices

Christine Z. Schnars, Brian H. Kleiner

Evaluates the research of Dr Mark Huselid of Rutgers Institute for Management and Labour Relations which suggests that companies with sophisticated HR practices are more…


New developments concerning negligent retention

Michael Pardon, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the potential cost of negligent retention together with brief practical examples. Highlights the importance of written job descriptions and periodic evaluations…


How to orient employees into new positions successfully

Bonim Ku, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the advantages of quality orientation of employees facing new duties. Considers the merits of formal and informal orientation together with the type of company. Presents…


Personnel file management

Gina Martino, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the need for careful management of personnel files, particularly in relation to recent legislation including the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with…


Understanding and preventing negligent hiring

Mindie N. Le, Brian H. Kleiner

States that there is a growing concern regarding the potential liability from negligent hiring within the university and public sector. Considers the lack of insurance cover in…


How to effectively check references and perform background investigations of job applicants

Susanne C. Doty‐Navarro, Brian H. Kleiner

States the importance of referencing and background checks despite the acknowledged difficulties within the procedure. Refers to research showing many employers give minimal…


How to orient employees into new positions successfully

Patricio E. Castro, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a framework for employers to follow to ensure successful orientation of employees into new positions. Emphasizes the need for planning, discusses effective implementation…


New developments concerning tobacco smoke in the workplace

Bonifacius Leourardy, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the historical position of smoking in the workplace. Discusses the health risks associated with tobacco together with associated costs. Considers research covering…


Developments concerning repetitive stress injuries

Aruna Sambyal, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides details of repetitive stress injury together with examples from the workplace. Predicts a substantial increase in the number of legal claims in this area. Outlines future…


How to reduce your workers’ compensation costs

Sunit Dutta, Brian H. Kleiner

Gives a brief synopsis of the history of industrial injury compensation before going on to consider the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Outlines the objectives of workers’…


How to reduce theft and turnover through better hiring methods

Michael J. bloomquist, Brian H. Kleiner

Proposes that the best way to eliminate theft and turnover is through improved hiring practices. Argues in favour of in‐house recruitment from a quality pool of applicants…


How to hire employees effectively

Siu‐Ki Henty To, Brian H. Kleiner

Emphasizes the importance of effective hiring. Discusses the factors influencing hiring including the legal aspects and the best sources for recruitment. Outlines characteristics…


How to conduct due process discipline

David S. Dhanoa, Brian H. Kleiner

States the steps of due process that employers must adhere to when the discipline system is invoked. Discusses the idea of “just cause” and covers Carroll R. Daughty’s…


How to write excellent human resource policies

Jennifer S. Ellerman, Brian H. Kleiner

Briefly states what a human resource policy is and looks at why employers need one. Cites five principal sources for determining the content and meaning of policies. Provides a…


A comparative view of employment testing

David Lee Johnson, Brian H. Kleiner

Compares and analyses different forms of testing that employers administer to employees. Looks at the ability of the company to formulate new tests or the need use other agencies…


The art and science of effective stress management

Victor M. Rojas, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at the nature of stress and the need to ensure employees do not suffer excessive levels. Considers the different types of stress and focuses on detrimental stress. Proffers…


Conducting business effectively in the Philippines

Eva Ginting, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at the way in which the Philippines has opened up their internal markets to foreign trade and investments. Briefly outlines the legal position. Discusses business practices…


Competitive advantage in global industries

D. Passemard, Brian H. Kleiner

Attempts to define competitive advantage within an industry. Identifies the need for a competitive strategy specific to the enterprise and industry concerned. Considers the…


Effective management in the trucking industry

Sakiko Hada, Brian H. Kleiner

Briefly looks at the issues within the trucking industry in relation to safety, environmental pressures and the reliance other industries have upon their services. Considers the…


Harley‐Davidson Motor Company

Johan Van Nimwegen, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a case study of the Harley Davidson Motor Co. Gives a brief history of the position of the company before outlining the turnaround by the new owners. Cites three…


How do textile companies keep quality high?

Bo‐Yen Pablo Hsu, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a case study of Karebo Spinning Inc., Tifton, Georgia, USA. Outlines the market in which they operate and discusses in turn the president’s four determining factors…


Global trends in entrepreneurship and small business management

David Paleno, Brian H. Kleiner

Compares entrepreneurship in the USA with Japan, the Soviet Union, Europe and South‐East Asia. Looks at the small business in relation to government intervention/incentives and…


What does it take to survive in the restaurant industry of the 90’s?

James A. Filipan, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers what companies need to survive in the restaurant industry. Cites a quality product as a priority. Suggests good evaluation techniques. Uses case studies to highlight…


Managing for excellence in the telecommunication industry

Leonard F. Polak, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a brief history of the telecommunications industry before concentrating on today’s competitors and their products. Introduces AT&T and US West and attempts to compare the…




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