Management Research News: Volume 22 Issue 8


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Deficiencies in communication and problem‐solving skills of business graduates: is the business curriculum at fault?

John Sneed, Donald Ace Morgan

Outlines the dissatisfaction of US accountant graduate employers in relation to graduates’ communication and problem solving abilities. Cites that technical abilities are good and…


Violence in the workplace

Lisa Whitmore, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the increasing number of violent acts which take in place in the US workplace and lists the main areas of risk together with the main associated costs to business. Looks…


Achilles revisited: the impact of incompetencies on firm performance

William A. Drago, Cathleen A. Folker

Considers the impact on a firm’s performance if weaknesses are not addressed. Uses SWOT analysis to show how a firm often concentrate on developing its strengths and…

Building the quality organisation: what managers must do and the challenges they face

Carl A. Rodrigues

Reviews previous literature regarding quality in order to suggest a framework for a company committed to quality. Outlines the behaviours a quality firm must possess and discusses…



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1978 – 2009

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