Management Research News: Volume 21 Issue 9


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A preliminary investigation into the correlation between teaching and research in the Florida State university system

H. Eugene Baker, Homer Bates, J. Victoria Garbacik‐Kopman, John McEldowney

Investigates the controversy surrounding the issue of empirical research productivity and quality teaching and whether or not they enhance each other or represent a trade‐off…


Managing human behaviour in the motor vehicles and parts industry

Ronald L. Woods, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks into sexual harassment complaints at Mitsubishi Motors in Illinois, USA, which could become the largest sexual harassment case in US history with nearly 500 female…


Predicting organisational objectives: role of stakeholder influence and volatility of environmental sectors

William A. Drago

Investigates the link between stakeholder influence and environmental sector volatility on organizational objectives. Uses a questionnaire survey (with findings drawn from 86…



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1978 – 2009

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