Management Research News: Volume 21 Issue 4/5


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Nonverbal communication and business success

James Poon Teng Fatt

Attempts to link nonverbal communication and business success by advocating that salespeople in particular should be aware of nonverbal communication and what it means. Claims…


Who could blame me? I got it on sale! An investigation of purchase price disclosure as an impression management tactic

Dennis N. Bristow, Daniel A. Sachau

Surveys 72 female undergraduates at a US Midwestern university to establish whether or not people distort the purchase price of goods as a means of impression management, an, if…

An overview of trends in employee benefits programmes

Bob Marsh, Brian H. Kleiner

Investigates employee benefits on offer in the USA. Acknowledges that several benefits (such as social security payments) are required by law but focuses on voluntary or…


Mintzberg’s “pentagon” and organization positioning

William A. Drago

Looks at Mintzberg’s pentagon model of ideal structures as a tool for describing organization structural designs. Surveys 91 US CEOs to test the validity of the model, in an…


How to pay the bank CEO

Kevin J. Sigler, Thomas Cornwell

Explores a US bank CEO’s ideal compensation package as a way of attracting and retaining talented individuals. States that there must be a competitive base salary but that total…

Doing business with dragons of different breeds: some important differences between China and Japan

Yim Yu Wong, Thomas E. Maher

Warns against expecting the Japanese and Chinese to behave similarly, despite common features of their national cultures and geographical proximity. Points out that China follows…




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