Management Research News: Volume 20 Issue 1


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Is American Health Care Entering the ‘Country Club’ Era?: How Capitation May Transform Health Care Management in the U.S.

David C. Wyld

This article examines the scope of change which is likely to be brought about in the American health care industry due to the emergence of capitated reimbursement systems. As we…

Employer Educational Assistance: An Assessment of the Impact on Organizational Commitment

Cynthia J. Guffey, Judy F. West, Charles S. White

Successful organizations recognize that employees are their most valuable resource because of employee commitment to the organization. Organizational commitment is a…

The ‘Be True To Your School’ Phenomenon: An Empirical Investigation

Dennis N. Bristow, Steven J. Walker

As suggested in the lyrics from the popular Beach Boys song, students may be expected, by themselves and/or others, to ‘be true’ to their school; to be loyal to their alma mater…

Share and Share Alike? A Review of Empirical Evidence Concerning Information Sharing Among Researchers

Raymond Hubbard, Eldon L. Little

The conduct of scientific research is supposed to be a collective, public enterprise requiring the cooperation of all those involved. As Sieber (1991, p. 1) observes:

The Use of Research in Developing Advertising Strategies

Michel R.M. Rod

It seems intuitive that as firms continue to try and keep in touch with the customers they serve, research should play an increasingly important role in determining the needs and…

The Czech Republic: A Review of the Eastern European Economy with the Lowest Unemployment Rate

Rafael Pampillón, José Luis Jiménez

In 1989, the people of Czechoslovakia ousted the communists from government after almost fifty years of rule, in a peaceful process known as the Velvet Revolution. An IMF‐backed…



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