Management Research News: Volume 2 Issue 4


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Information and Management: the Cybernetics of a Small Company

R. Espejo

The design of management information systems should take into consideration problems of organisational effectiveness. For this purpose, it is argued, we need to understand the…

The Impact of On‐Line Information Systems on Corporate Strategic Decision‐Making

P. Wilmes, A. Herremans

The current socio‐economic environment in which corporations work changes so fast and so deeply that on‐line strategic decision‐making has become critically important during…

Planning Systems in European Industrial Groups

André de Bethune

Economic concentration is one of the main characteristics of the European business scene for the last ten years. The appearance of numerous industrial groups is the result of this…

Unemployment and the Structure of Labour Costs

Stephen Nickell

The last ten years have witnessed a dramatic rise in the level of unemployment throughout most of Western Europe. The level of registered unemployment has doubled over the last…

Taxation, Human Capital, and Uncertainty

Jonathan Eaton, Harvey S. Rosen

The growth of tax rates on earned income has focused attention upon the impact of such taxes on work effort. The effect of taxes on hours of work has been the subject of both…

Japanese Distribution Channels: Traditions, Customs and Evolution

M. Shimaguchi

If one assumes that Gross National Product proportionally represents market size, then Japan is now the third richest single market in the world. Because of the internal…

Managerial Effectiveness

Morris Brodie, Roger Bennett

How effective are managers? How effective can they become? These are two basic questions which go to the heart of some of the most serious challenges which face contemporary…

The Role and Importance of Small Enterprises

Phlip A. Neck

Small enterprises have a history as long as that of enterprise itself. However, it is only recently that attention has focussed on the wider social goals to which they can…

Maintaining Computer‐based Information Systems

C. Edwards

The basic objective of this research was to isolate controllable factors within an organisation that can contribute to the maintenance of value yielded by a computer based…



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