Management Research News: Volume 2 Issue 2


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The Provision of Industrial Relations Training for Shop Stewards

G.R. Keithley, D. Sawbridge

The issue of training for a job of work is important in most areas of industry, and not least in the area of industrial relations. To be effective, practitioners need not only…

A Modified Rules Approach to Workplace Industrial Relations

Roger Lumley

This paper makes a contribution to defining the scope of study in workplace industrial relations. Applications of a modified rules approach to industrial relations to the…

Work Control and Managerial Prerogatives in Industrial Relations

Robin Smith

This paper outlines the challenge to traditional conceptions of the managerial prerogative from organisation growth and the rise of influence of the trade unions. It argues that…

Workers' Participation Versus Management Control

Hem C. Jain

Workers' participation in management decision making has always been a controversial subject. One of the problems, central to this controversy is management's prerogatives…

Job Design and Individual Differences

G.C. White

In the process of designing and improving existing jobs to take account of human as well as technical and commercial factors, we are faced with a number of problems posed by the…

Work Organisation and Job Satisfaction

Gilbert Jessup

Until recently work systems have been determined almost entirely by the production technology and the implementation of technologies according to the principles of scientific…

Union and Management Response to Quality of Working Life Projects

Hem C. Jain

The new forms of work organisation have so far had their impact on a very small number of workers in relation to the total labour force in the countries where such experiments…



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