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Management Technical Education, and Training as a Public Concern in Britain, France and Germany

Arndt Sorge

Greater recognition should be given to the importance of national education and training patterns as determinants of industrial performance. But it would be wrong to interpret…


This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/EUM0000000004929. When citing the…

The Classification and Interpretation of Strike Statistics

T.G. Sweet, Dudley Jackson

During the recent strike wave, Britain and other industrial market economies experienced a marked increase in the annual total number of working days lost through stoppages. A…

The Use of the Law on Unfair Dismissal

Dudley Jackson

This paper describes the use made by employees of the law against “unfair” dismissal. It describes what happens to the annually growing volume of complaints made by dismissed…

Three Studies of The Effects of Attitude and Perception of Organisation on Job Performance and Productivity

This research explores the problem of how employee ownership may be related to job attitudes, job behaviour, and organisational performance. A conceptualisation of the possible…

Responses to New Productivity Incentives

Angela M. Bowey

Productivity has concerned managers, administrators and governments for many years, and understandably so when one considers the wide differences in rates of working and…

The Effects of Differences in Perceptions of Organisation

Angela M. Bowey

There are a number of different theories or models of organisation which can be identified in past and current management literature and teaching, and which have been analysed…

Newspapers from An Organisational Point of View

Lars Engwall

This paper summarises the results from a study of the organisational aspects of newspaper production, which has been undertaken by using a multi‐method approach. The analysis is…

The Pressure for Growth as an Organisational Problem

Lars Engwall

A basic argument of this study is that organisations are under pressure to increase their revenues because of rising aspirations of those who provide goods and services to the…

Organisation as a Matter of Style

Gunran Hedlund

The “cultures” of two large Swedish multi‐national corporations are described and shown in my research to be very different. Both companies do exhibit definite styles of their…



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