Management Research News: Volume 19 Issue 1/2


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Strategic Plan Intensity: Effectiveness in Different Contexts

William A. Drago

Mintzberg has severely criticised the current state of strategic planning practices (1994). So thorough was his condemnation of planning, plans and planners that Peters, in a…

An Analysis of Advertising Across Product Categories and Countries

Golnaz Sadri, Katrin R. Harich

Due to an increasingly international marketplace with multinational companies selling their products around the world, the issue of advertising products across countries has…

U.S. Joint Venture Activities in the Former Soviet Union

Marjorie Chan

The study focuses on primarily big U.S. firms' joint venture activities with the Soviets after the break‐up of the former Soviet Union. It examines U.S.‐Soviet joint ventures in…

Merger Mania and C&G

Suresh Deman

In the last decade, hostile takeovers have become prevalent in the corporate world and have generated much controversy in the economics profession and in society at large. The…

Promoting Continuous Improvement: Control Features of Innovative Organisations

R. Murray Lindsay

Today the customer is truly king. In what was dreamt about only a short time ago, customers are not only obtaining value priced products, they are of high quality, matched…



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