Management Research News: Volume 18 Issue 3/4/5


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Strategies For Securing A Competitive Advantage

Jeffrey J. Comaris, Brian H. Kleiner

In the 1990's, corporations and entrepreneurs alike are constantly looking for new ways to make or increase profit with a product or a service. The days of old when people…

When and How To Subcontract

Michelle Watts, Brian H. Kleiner

Subcontracting is “the procurement of an item or service which is normally capable of economic production in the prime contractor's own facilities and which requires the prime…

Managing For Excellence in the Tobacco Industry

Melissa Zantop, Brian H. Kleiner

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's future strength depends on improving its long‐term earnings potential. To enhance its profitability, they must

New Developments in Corporate Diversification Strategies

Michael A. Brost, Brian H. Kleiner

Although there are many variations in the definition of diversification, it would be only appropriate to provide some form of definition for the reader. Corporate diversification…

Management Strategies in the Banking Industry

Dennell R. Lester, Brian H. Kleiner

In the past decade many events have affected the financial services industry, especially for the banking segment. “Events such as deregulation of deposit rates, the fall of…

What Managers Should Know to Start a Business In India

Raj Shah, Brian H. Kleiner

Competition in the United States has led many large companies and small enterprises to consider global alternatives. They have set up industrial relations over different parts of…

What Managers Must Know To Conduct Business in Denmark

Margaret Stefan, Brian H. Kleiner

Denmark is the smallest of the three Scandinavian countries and is located in Northeast Europe. Sweden is located to the North of Denmark, Germany to the South, the Baltic Sea is…

What Managers Must Know to Conduct Business in Mexico

Cheryl Tong‐Martindale, Brian H. Kleiner

Mexico, through the maquiladora option, is becoming an increasingly attractive “offshore” manufacturing site. For some U.S. companies crossing the 2,000 mile common border with…

New Developments in Measuring Corporate Performance

William L. Jacobs, Brian H. Kleiner

Value systems in the traditional American business are primarily designed around the profit oriented philosophy. Measures that focus on non‐financial performance are generally…

New Developments In Budgeting

Michael Wilhelmi, Brian H. Kleiner

Budgeting is used to assist in strategic planning. It is the process of allocating resources to selected activities or programmes. The search for better methods of allocating and…


How To Create Successful Joint Ventures

Peter D. Beauchamp, Brian H. Kleiner

Joint ventures were originated as commercial or maritime enterprises used for trading purposes by merchants of ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Syria. In the United States, joint…




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