Management Research News: Volume 17 Issue 1/2


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Whistle Blowing: Preventive Strategies

Hamid Tavakolian

Imagine working for a company that produces medical supplies. Suppose that one day, it is discovered that one of the products the firm produces could be harmful to a small segment…

Escalation of Commitment in Groups and the Moderating Effects of Information Framing

Robert W. Rutledge

A manager who is responsible for making the initial decision to invest in a project will typically have a tendency to “over‐commit” additional resources to the project (Staw…

Managing For Excellence In The Public Sector

Kevin Doyle, Brian H. Kleiner

Public sector management has never been overwhelmingly applauded for efficiency in operations; but in the last few decades accusations of mismanagement in the American federal…

Choice Of Size Factors and Empirical Problems in Corporate Analysis

C. Pat Obi

This article reviews the empirical accuracy of various alternatives for size used in measuring corporate performance. The primary focus is to expose inherent weaknesses in…



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