Management Research News: Volume 16 Issue 8


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The Perils of Whistle Blowing

Hamid R. Tavakolian

The various forms of retribution that whistle blowers endure, at the hands of their employers, both financially and psychologically for having attempted to correct mismanagement…

Linking Strategy to Training: An Overview of the Implications of Competitive Strategy for Training

Carolyn B. Erdener

“Is there reason to believe that top management might be receptive to dramatically expanded HRM involvement in decision making? Yes, because intense competition and unprecedented…

The Technological Deficit of Spain

Rafael Pampill ón

In the technological balance of payments, annual flow of revenues (exports) and payments (imports) between a country and the remainder of the world is recorded as Technical…

Transportation Problem with Contractor Selection

S.K. Goyal, M. Gopalakrishnan

In this article we address the transportation logistic problem of a company which has a number of warehouses and has to supply to a number of customers (retailer outlets). The…


Managing for Excellence in the Defence Industry Today

John T. Toner, Brian H. Kleiner

The defence industry has been widely criticised for selling six hundred dollar wrenches that may be purchased for under ten dollars at a local hardware store. Currently the United…



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