Management Research News: Volume 16 Issue 2/3


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Decision Analysis and New Venture Creation in Hungary

Robert D. Hisrich, Janos Vecsenyi

To start a new venture is indeed a risky and costly undertaking. The odds are against successfully creating something new whether it be a new system, a new product, a new…

Teaching Leadership Theory: Reconsidering the Situational View

Ronald W. Clement

All of us who have taught leadership to either our regular business students or to attendees in continuing education courses have probably covered the situational view of this…


Startup Businesses — Selecting the Right Form: Tax and Limited Liability Factors

Musa M. Al‐Darayseh, Elaine Waples

When an individual decides to go into business, it can be an intimidating experience for him or her because of the many important business decisions to be made prior to entering…

Managing the Start‐Up Company

Norman E. Carte, Brian H. Kleiner

The importance of start‐ups to the re‐vitalisation of the American economy cannot be over emphasised. Tomorrow's Fortune 500 is today's garage shop operation. But billion dollar…



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