Management Research News: Volume 16 Issue 1


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An Undeveloped Subject: The Interaction between Environment and Strategy

Yim Yu Wong, Thomas E. Maher

Strategic management thinking emerged in the 1930s (Steiner, 1969), and developed significantly in the 1940s. An identifiable body of literature began to appear in the 1950s and…

Towards Management of Physical Stress in Workplaces

A. Waikar, K. Lee, M. Blalock

Several industrial tasks and workplaces involve sedentary work and/or constrained postures which impart static loads on the neck, back, shoulders and upper extremities. Examples…

The Role of the Interview in the Performance Appraisal Process

Carl R. Phillips, Sam D. Cappel, Dirk D. Steiner

Unquestionably, the appraisal interview is a significant part of the performance appraisal process. It is in this formal interview that feedback on subordinate performance is…

In Search of Excellence in the Mexican Restaurant Industry

Arthur M. Sauceda, Brian H. Kleiner

The Mexican restaurant industry in Southern California has flourished in the past. However, due to currently tough economic times and the overabundance of Mexican restaurants, it…

Anomalies in Annual Accounting Numbers

Musa Al‐Darayseh

Annual accounting numbers are used in different ways by researchers and investors. Besides the obvious regulatory uses of accounting numbers in financial institutions and public…



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