Management Research News: Volume 15 Issue 3


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What Moves the Invisible Hand: The Unaddressed Linkages Between the Psychological Study of Religion and Managerial Behaviour

David C. Wyld, Sam D. Cappel, Daniel E. Hallock

Years ago, Henry D. Lloyd defined religion as being the “conscience in action.” The concept of religion is one which is indeed completely individualised in both perspective and…

SERVQUAL as a Measuring Instrument for Service Provider Gaps in Business Schools

Stefano Rigotti, Leyland Pitt

Student evaluation of the education they receive has long been an area of concern to academics and institutions. A recent paper identified more than 1300 articles and books…

Recognising Chemical Dependency and What to Do About It

Harry M. Brenn, Brian H. Kleiner

Despite estimates that chemical dependency in the workplace is a $100 billion per year problem, many managers are unable or unwilling to recognise it. There are, though, a number…

Organisational Environment and Strategy‐making Behaviour

Abbas J. Ali, Emil Albert

The quest for efficient and effective organisational performance induces management theorists and practitioners to centre attention on environmental factors. Aldrich (1979) and…




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