Management Research News: Volume 12 Issue 7


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The Doers and the Talkers — The Effects of Communication Apprehension on Group Performance in a Business Simulation

Leyland F. Pitt, B. Ramaseshan, Deon Nel

Groups and group dynamics have been areas which have received considerable attention not only in Social Psychology and Sociology, but in the last thirty years, also in the field…

Further Management Development of Executive MBA's: Expectancy Versus Justification

Marcia Kassner, Bruce J. Eberhardt

What makes managers choose to continue taking classes and seminars to further their management development? In the past twenty years, motivated and behavioural theory has been…

Business Schools and Corporate Partnerships in a Changing Global Economy

Ronald R. Sims, Serbrenia J. Sims

Corporations within the past decade have found themselves trapped in the worst of all possible worlds. By the middle 1970's, even though profits still seemed strong, productivity…

Proficiency of New Product Development Activities in UK Manufacturing Firms

Larry Dwyer

New products are major contributors to company growth and profits and a key factor in business planning. Despite its importance, new product development has long been recognised…



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