Management Research News: Volume 10 Issue 3


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Management of the Retailer‐Supplier Interface

John A. Dawson, Susan A. Shaw

This article reviews the changes that have occurred, points to the factors involved and considers the likelihood of future changes in the management of the retailer‐supplier…

Distribution Policy

Alan Mercer

The focus of this article is on the detailed elements of distribution. A form of checklist is developed of the key elements that need to be considered by any company, not just…

Recent Trends in Warehousing Development

Alan McKinnon

This is a statement of just how much change warehousing has undergone in recent years and how different warehouse requirements are now. Companies which fail to realise these…


Sub‐Contracting Distribution

Donald G. Harris

The benefits and drawbacks of sub‐contracting distribution are reviewed. The financial aspects of the decision, whether sub‐contracting is to be wholly adopted or in part, are…

The Operating Costs of Heavy Lorries

Sharon Hallett, Richard Gray

Costing procedures must be relevant and accurate if they are to be effectively used by management. A survey is reported on the operational costing of heavy lorries. The authors…

Fleet Costing

Philip Wilson

An approach to fleet costing is developed based on the individual vehicle as a cost centre. It is argued that such an approach is both necessary and useful, being an investment…

Distribution Modelling

Carl Watson‐Gandy

The different types of modelling the physical distribution system or sub‐sectors of it which have been developed and are available are outlined. The ways in which they can be used…

Progress and Difficulties in Vehicle Routing

C.D.J. Waters

Developments in the field of computer aided construction of vehicle routing algorithms are described. This is a difficult process but it is argued that wider use of such…


This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/eb014633. When citing the article, please…



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