Management Research News: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Personal Value Systems: A Determinant of Management Practices in a Developing Country

Abbas Ali, Daniel F. Twomey

This article investigates personal value systems in Iraq, in a sample of managers. The results indicate that the dominant values are those that compose the outward‐directed…

An Analysis of Communication Behaviours of Managers: A Management Development Perspective

Thomas Inman, Steven Golen, Louis Olivas

A questionnaire survey of managers was used to identify what specific communications behaviours managers should have and how widely these were demonstrated in practice by the…

An Analysis of Stockbrokers' Profit Forecasts

P.F. Atrill, T. Mangles, E.J. McLaney

The relative accuracy of profit forecasts was analysed for six firms of brokers. ANOVA was used to look first at performance across industrial sectors, then between industries…

Some Problems of Implementation in Environmental Design

David Golding, Judith Golding

The reluctance by end‐users and designers to consider the reassessment of environmental matters associated with the introduction of new technology into the office was investigated…

Measuring Reversibility in Capital Budgeting Decisions

A.E. Singer

The importance of reversibility criteria is discussed and existing measures described. A procedure for calculating a Bailout‐Portfolio‐Funding Index is set out and its advantages…

An Evaluation of the State of Research in the Economic Lot Sizing Problem

W.G.N.L.U. De Silva, R.P. Mohanty

An attempt is made to classify the lot‐sizing problem based on evidence from the literature and current research trends. For future research a mixture of a heuristic method to…

U.S. Airline Labour Relations Under Deregulation

F.H. Cassell, F.A. Spencer

This article discusses the impact of airline deregulation on labour relations. It looks at price competition, wage‐cutting, “hard‐nosed” bargaining, strike‐breaking cadres of…



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