Management Research News: Volume 1 Issue 4


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A New Strategy for Practical Management Education

Pat Joynt

One of the most dynamic areas in management is management education. The most interesting aspect of this is that no particular school of thought has won the battle on what is the…

The Implementation of Management Science: The Gap and its Closure

Roger L.M. Dunbar, Ilan Vertinsky

Operations researchers and management scientists develop many techniques which could improve management practice. Few of these promising innovations are implemented. In this…

Research Survey on Managers' and Teachers' Attitudes to Management Research

H.S. Gill

The questionnaire was completed by 42 managers and 40 Polytechnic management teachers in the Yorkshire and Humberside Region. With no follow up of the postal questionnaires there…

Industrial Liaison Bureaux in U.K. Polytechnics and Universities

W.J. Fulwell

Tertiary education, though much discussed by the cognoscenti, is little understood by the vast majority and for good reason; it is an area we do not all experience, still the…

SSRC ‘Open Door’ Research Scheme

Research in the social sciences has traditionally been undertaken on the initiative of social science researchers themselves, and financed at the discretion of funding bodies such…

Tying Marketing Science with Marketing Practice

Edgar A. Pessemier

The problems of achieving a successful interface between marketing science and marketing practice are numerous. Furthermore, they vary from subject to subject and from environment…


Technological Innovation: Capital and Labour

Richard Lowndes

Two case histories are provided as accounts of technological innovation in a particular industry, i.e. bulk cargo handling and containerisation in the Port Industry. The…

Technological Entrepreneurship: The Allocation of Time and Money in Technology‐Based Firms

Patricia L. Braden

This synopsis reports on original research which was designed and supervised by the author and sponsored jointly by two units of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)—the…

The Productive Association—A Proposal for a New Legal Entity for Management in an Age of Equality

Andrew M. McCosh

Since the 1840's, the corporate form has grown to become the dominant vehicle for carrying on all kinds of business and commerce in the developed world and in most parts of the…



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