Management Research News: Volume 1 Issue 3


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The Industrial Relations and Employment Impacts of Multinational Enterprises

Alun Morgan, Roger Blanpain

A first difficulty in our enquiry has been to arrive at a satisfactory and agreed definition of a multinational enterprise. From our interviews no view common to all parties…

Multinational Corporations and Host Government Relationships: A Comparative study of U.S., European, and Japanese Multinationals

Anant R. Negandhi, B.R. Baliga

The main purpose of this study was to examine analytically the conflicting issues and causes of conflict between MNCs and host governments and MNCs and other publics in the six…

Ethics in an International Business Context

Hans Schöllhammer

This study focuses on the ethical conduct of multinational enterprises. Based on investigations and revelations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) involving…

Identification, Evaluation and Prediction of Political Risks from an International Business Perspective

Hans Schöllhammer

Multinational firms account at present (1976) for almost 15% of the aggregate gross national products of the western world; their total foreign investments are in excess of 320…

The Effects of Conglomerate Mergers

Dennis C. Mueller

This paper is part of the Merger Project being carried out at the International Institute of Management. The bulk of the project consists of studies of the determinants and…

Vertical Integration and Different Inputs

M.E. Porter, A.M. Spence

Vertical integration decisions, which determine the boundaries of the firm, are among the largest investment decisions firms make and can have a major influence on their success…

Bankruptcy Risk and the Choice of Financial Structure

Haim Levy, Marshall Sarnat

The research reported in this paper was undertaken as part of the International Institute of Management's on‐going research into the impact of the capital market's valuation of…

Marketing to Non‐Managers

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Melitta Patzak

Through a case‐study, this paper discusses how ‘non‐managers’ take part in the purchasing of new equipment This influence on the diffusions of innovation is demanding a…

The Shipping Industry in the United Kingdom

J. McConville

Shipping is not, as is often assumed, a monolithic industry. It is rather a complex of associated industries performing a different transport function and satisfying a different…

The Impact of ‘Quality of Working Life’ Initiatives on Trade Unions

Roy Moore

A research project investigating the impact of ‘quality of working life’ initiatives was undertaken at the Trade Union Research Unit, Ruskin College, Oxford during 1977 by Darryl…



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