Management Research News: Volume 1 Issue 2


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Prerequisites for Effective Participation—Information and Training

Hem C. Jain

Management decisions can be influenced through worker participation in different ways, which Professor Roger Blanplain listed on a progressive scale: (1) information; (2) advice…

Alternative Forms of Work Organisation: Cost of Improvements in Labour Conditions and Productivity in Western Europe

Reinhold Weil

In the highly developed industrial societies of the West, several major social aspirations advanced by workers, which still appeared unattainable at the beginning of this century…

Lack of Clarity in the Foreman's Role with Regard to Delegated Authority

J. Scholefield, J.R.C. Smith

How effectively do we communicate to people what we expect of them when we work with them every day? Is there quite often a serious disparity between what we think someone expects…

Where Are They Now?: A Follow‐Up Study of the Unemployed

W.W. Daniel

Of people who were registered as un‐employed in the autumn of 1973, and were still of working age three years later in the autumn of 1976, only 38% had jobs. Thirty‐four per cent…

A Survey of Modern British Co‐operatives

Paul Chaplin, Roger Cowe

There are three broad categories of worker co‐operatives, of which only one is covered by our survey. We concentrated on the common ownership (CO) movement (initiated by Scott…

Familial Control, Size and Performance in the Largest French Firms

Alexis Jacquemin, Elisabeth de Ghellinck

Contrasting with the traditional profit‐maximising economic theory of the firm where managerial discretion is unimportant, there is a growing volume of U.S. economic studies…

Adapting Working Hours to Modern Needs

D. Maric

Over the past two decades standard hours of work have been progressively reduced in industrialised countries. At the same time, improved education and living standards have led to…

Night Work

J. Carpentier, P. Cazamian

Every industrial society generates—and must then settle—a conflict between its functions of production and of the protection of the producer, between the needs of the economy and…

Technological Change in the Regional and Local Press

Terry Webb, Ann Alexander, Heather Steer

This study funded by the Printing and Publishing Training Board from 1975–77 examined factors affecting the management of technological change in three newspaper companies from…

Technological Change in the National Press

Roderick Martin

Two sets of factors stimulated widespread interest in new technology in the national newspaper industry in 1975: the worsening economic situation of the press, discussed fully in…

Modelling Buying Intentions in the Machine Tool Market

F.A. Johne

This paper reports on a study undertaken to explore the feasibility and usefulness of applying attitudinal data for the practical marketing purpose of increasing sales…

Consumer Price Perception: A Multi‐Dimensional Analysis of Perceived Quality and Adaptation—Level Price as Determinants of Price Perception

Mai Anttila

Price is a significant determinant of consumers' purchase decisions. It is assumed in this study that the analysis of consumer price perception is of vital importance to…


Consumer Perception and Preferences of Message Structure

Liisa Uusitalo

Consumer choice and decision‐making is always based on some kind of information regardless of what term (input, stimuli, cue, message, information) we use of it The inner…



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