Planning Review: Volume 9 Issue 1


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Deborah A. McKean

Is Samuel Johnson finally out of date? To be “sometimes cheated” has not been a popular goal of corporate planners who are in the business of helping their companies avoid…

Letter to the Editor

R.O. Mason, I.I. Mitroff, V.P. Barabba

I was most interested in reading the article on “Creating the Managers' Plan Book” by Messrs. Mason, Mitroff and Barabba, in the July 1980 issue of the Planning Review.

Decade of transition

Ian Wilson

Few would argue with the proposition that socially, economically and politically, the United States is in a period of turbulence and uncertainty. We are navigating the…

The marriage of planning and venture capital

Peter P. Pekar

In a recent article, Industry Week Magazine discussed the slowdown in seed money for new technological innovation. The author remarked that throughout its history the U.S…

THE 1980s: A problem for strategic planners

Donald L. McLagan, Christopher Caton

The economy of the 1980s presents significant problems and no easy promises for business. In a slow‐growth, high‐inflation environment business will have a difficult time…

Sketch for a humanistic manifesto

George Leonar

We live in extraordinary times. What has long been apparent to many is now becoming obvious to all. The era of fast economic growth and assured material progress has…

Comprehensive planning at a multi‐national bank

D. Robley Wood

Large U.S. banks are increasingly making use of strategic long‐range planning systems. This is the conclusion drawn from personal interviews held with planning specialists…

Developing a harvesting strategy for mature products

James H. Barnes

Strategic market planning for the multi‐product, multimarket firm is a particularly complex problem. The company may have many different products serving similar numbers…



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