Planning Review: Volume 8 Issue 5


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Matching human resources to strategies

Donald W. Meals, John W. Rogers

A company whose business has always been the steel industry diversifies by acquiring a printing company. Should the benefits package of the parent, a member of the mature…

What every planner should know about people

Jeanne Binstock

When people encounter some new piece of technology or a new product, or even a new variation of an old one — toilets, telephones, higher education, computers, drugs…

Organizational communications: An important element in effective operational planning

Howard H. Greenbaum

Effective operational planning can be the pay‐off obtained from formal efforts to improve communication structures in organizations. An explicit appreciation of the role…

Management model increases planning flexibility

Harold A. Brown, Lisa P. Blakeley

The use of management models to simulate the business environment of a firm has become the focal point of many successful planning functions. At the same time, problems…

Managing the strategic design making process

Thomas H. Naylor

The essence of strategic planning is to provide a conceptual framework for the company's chief executive officer (CEO) and line managers to enable them to make decisions…



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