Planning Review: Volume 8 Issue 3


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Forearmed at continental through effective planning

John B. Ricker

Profit planning in the insurance industry is difficult at best. Ours is after all, a risk‐assuming business, and we must factor the unknown into whatever we do. Experience…

Training: Planning's neglected necessity

William S. Royce

Consider three blunt statements I and my colleagues heard during the last year from people who are not professional planners, but who are expected to participate in…

Chicken and egg: Management and planning

Merritt L. Kastens

This article has been derived from a chapter in a forthcoming book by Mr. Kastens, Redefining the Manager's Job, scheduled for publication in September.

The debate over productivity: A rational examination

John Thackray

National and international productivity puzzles are too abstract and ineffable for the practical businessman to contemplate usefully. But there is at least one way to…

Advise, consult, coordinate, help

Terry Seawright

The style of the planning function at Babcock & Wilcox Canada, Ltd. is helpful rather than critical, straight‐forward rather than convoluted. The result is a clear‐cut…

Dialing F‐U‐T‐U‐R‐E at the Phone Company

Conway L. Lackman

Regulated industries such as the telephone industry are generally less competitive than those in the manufacturing sector, due to restricted entry and uniform rate…

Brewing a business strategy model

John Thiel

Strategic decision‐making is difficult because predicting the future in any detail is simply impossible. If we could get a handle on the relationships between decisions of…

New uses for an old financial tool

Susan M. Dobson, John E.T. Shorrock

Management thinking on the relationship between a business enterprise and its external environment has evolved in a number of ways over the last hundred years. At each…



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