Planning Review: Volume 7 Issue 6


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Nortons top‐down, bottom‐up planning process

Robert Cushman

Eight years ago when I examined the corporate planning process at the Norton Company, I had one major complaint—the wrong people were doing the job. Possibly no one else…

Product‐market planning: Middle management's bridge to the future

Leon Reinharth, H. Jack Shapiro, Ernest A. Kallman

This article is based on a chapter from the forth‐coming NASCP book by the authors titled, The Practice of Planning: Strategic, Administrative and Operational.

Issue management‐challenge and opportunity for planning executives

W.W. Simmons

Corporate planning has had cyclical popularity since its inception in the '50s. There was a period in the late '50s when growing interest in the subject made “planning” a…

Of Kings, compromise and least common denominators

Edith Weiner

Once, one of King Solomon's soldiers presented to him an infant and two women, each claiming to be the child's mother. “Which of you,” asked the wise king, “is the true…

Vulnerability analysis: A new way to assess future trends

Douglas A. Hurd, E. Riggs Monfort

The changes in strategic planning processes currently under study and installation by industry leaders are testimony to the dissatisfaction of corporate management with…

The androgynous manager

Alice G. Sargent

The management philosophy that emphasizes “organization man” characteristics in corporate managers and views the manager as rational to the point of using as little…



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