Planning Review: Volume 7 Issue 5


Table of contents

The blooming baby boom

Ian H. Wilson

The world, as we are constantly reminded, can be divided into two types of people: those who believe that major social and political changes still lie ahead; and those who…

The who, what and why of zero‐base budgeting

J. Franklin Sharp

What's behind the great interest in zero‐base budgeting (ZBB)? Why has ZBB been adopted so quickly—often uncritically—by so many companies and governmental units?

Society's ravelled sleeve: A perspective on the planners dilemma

Arnold Brown

Increasingly, planners in both public and private enterprises will have to cope with the contradictions that make managing our organizations and our society ever more…

The basics for bargaining: A code for multinationals

Rudolf W. Knoepfel

For their opponents, the Multinational Corporation (MNC) is a rapacious, exploitative, immoral and blatently malevolent institution, the source of most of the…

The strategic variations trap

E.J. Smatt

Three great scholars, one each from the United States, France and Israel, came to the same conclusion at the same time—the world would soon come to an end by flood. A…

Values, planning and the future

Lewis Miller

While considerable care must be paid in the planning process to the collection of data and to the deductive and inductive logical activities that go on in working with…



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