Planning Review: Volume 7 Issue 4


Table of contents

Examining the future to plan more effectively

Robert D. Smith, Buddy Myers, John Doutt, George Valli

Analysis of social trends of the past several decades indicates the growth of significant social‐political issues which, if predicted in the late 1950s, might have made…

GPO—planning the unplannable

John J. Boyle

Within the Federal Government, there is a manufacturing operation, the Government Printing Office (GPO), that operates without subsidy or direct appropriation from…

Plotting the planners place

J.C. Camillus

Defining the appropriate role of the corporate planning manager can be critical to the effectiveness of planning systems. Depending on the nature of the organization and…

Wanted, preferably alive: Reliable information on Mexico

Robert W. West

North American corporations and financial institutions have suddenly awakened to Mexico and are looking more carefully than ever at this rapidly growing neighbor to the…

Social demands: Continuing pinch threatens business

Milton Leontiades

The social responsibility of business is not a new issue, but it is certainly one whose time arrived during the 1960s and early 1970s. There are today few issues of…

Planning viewpoint: Top management

George Sawyer

Planning is action laid out in advance. It is a central, essential function of management, because a manager must lay out some pattern of action in order to direct…



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