Planning Review: Volume 7 Issue 3


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The self‐service society: A new scenario of the future

Milan Zeleny

Firmly press the “hold” button on those predictions that the post‐industrial society is nigh. Given current trends, another scenario can be developed for the future, an…

Taking the chance out of choice

H. Jack Shapiro

The question most frequently posed by organizational planners and company executives is, “How, when, where, and in what direction should our firm proceed to reach its…

Improving cash flow projections with economic models

Donald McLagen

This is a new Planning Review feature based on material of interest to the planning community contributed by the professional staff of Data Resources, Inc., 29 Hartwell…

Why managers avoid planning: and what top management can do about it

Samir Chakraborty, Gabriel S. David

In many cases, there is no firm commitment to planning by the senior officers of an organization, because planning is regarded as an exercise that has little relevance to…

Venture capital at the corporate planning desk

A. David Silver

Rumors to the effect that venture capital died in the early 1970s are untrue. It is true, however, that the decline of stock market values has accelerated the flight of…



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