Planning Review: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Go for the goal

Malcom W. Pennington

If you were sitting in your car wondering which way to turn out of your driveway, a map wouldn't do you much good unless you could decide on a destination. If you are…

The planner's environment—thorns among the roses

Finn Jerstad

Administrators of corporate planning are normally given their best opportunities in the initial stages of the planning process; for the beginning is when operating…

Strong chaining for change

Robert Theobald

We need change. We need large‐scale change. We need immediate change.

Forecasting — How to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs

Robert T. Eckenrode

The subject of forecasting has continued to be a pre‐occupation of planners, particularly as the apparent reliability of forecasts in recent years has declined. The author…

How to get your boss's job

Peter C. Newman

There are many whose chief goal in life is to get their bosses' jobs.

Welcome to the information revolution

Andrew P. Garvin

In the unlikely event you haven't noticed, we are in the middle of an information crisis.



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