Planning Review: Volume 7 Issue 1


Table of contents

Multi‐Level planning: An evolutionary view

Erich Jantsch

We are living in a multi‐level reality that is reflected within ourselves. On the one side, we are part of families, clans and tribes; of communities, nations, humanity;…

A simple approach to the planning process

Louis E. DeNoya

There is no way to make the job of strategic planning a simple one; however, planners can make the mechanics of planning a little easier by carefully structuring the…

Franchising: Friend or Foe?

Darryl J. Ellis, Peter P. Pekar

There are several advantages offered by a franchise distribution system. The four main attributes are: 1) rapid access to markets; 2) reduced investment by the franchisor;…

The compleat corporate planner

David E.C. Huggins

The Corporate Planner has come of age. More and more business organizations are recognizing the significant contribution that a planning specialist can offer. Today, more…

Evaluating management procedures: The right way

Alfred Bennett

Companies and investors are constantly examining other companies as potential acquisitions or investments. Over the past ten years, I have conducted detailed…

Guidelines for moderately‐sized businesses

Charles H. Granger

Everyone knows that large, listed companies like United Technologies, Iroquois, Dexter, Heublein, and Scovill have used acquisitions as one important part of their…



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