Planning Review: Volume 6 Issue 6


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The coming crunch over corporate governance

Arie Y. Lewin, James G. Wiles

The issue of corporate governance — the legal/political issue most likely to affect major corporations in the near future — arises from what large portions of society and…

Making MORE from planning: R. J. Reynolds' approach to marketing strategies

James F. Hind

In almost all marketing departments there are two approaches to planning — the clairvoyant approach and the systematic one.

The making of a successful venture analysis model

W.V. Barker, H.C. Sadowsky, R.T. Wainwright

The development of a new agricultural chemical product begins with the screening of a large number of compounds (perhaps several thousand) through several stages, each…

Predicting the costs of litigation

Marc Bennett Victor

Because of their strategic nature and the large amounts of money at stake, decisions to merge with, acquire, or take over other companies and decisions to invest in major…

ZBB — from ground zero

Henry H. Goldman

A recent survey conducted by L. Allan Austin for the American Management Associations illustrates an important point: zero‐base budgeting works.




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