Planning Review: Volume 6 Issue 5


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The crisis of unmanageability: Adapt to change or perish

Hazel Henderson

Today we are experiencing in the increasingly turbulent corporate environment, nothing less than a challenge to the Divine Right of Management. We see this phenomenon not…

The positive consciousness process

Jay S. Mendell, W. Lynn Tanner

Many corporate and public affairs planners and chief executive officers have found productive ways of planning which involve new ways of looking at themselves, their…

Canada needs national goals

J.A. Barnhill

From an administrative perspective, Canada as a nation has been generally in a “state of drift.” With the exception of the anti‐inflation program, efforts made by the…

The (not too) rocky road for economic growth

Donald C. Baron

The economic disruptions of the 1970s have created considerable uncertainty concerning the outlook for future long‐term economic growth in the United States. Many…

Too much planning is “Half‐Brained”

Jack Bologna

The editorial on metarational planning in the September, 1977 issue of Planning Review brought back some fond memories of a brainstorm session we held with our staff in…

Making R & D management work

Milton Leontiades

Is your company wondering how to manage the R&D function? If so, Dr. Steele's book is worth reading. It is written by an expert (Ph.D. from MIT with 20 years experience…

Long‐range planning is not for everyone

H. Jack Shapiro, Ernest A. Kallman

Since the turn of the century management researchers, among others, have exhorted business firms to plan for their future. To us it seems obvious that the greater a firm's…



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