Planning Review: Volume 6 Issue 4


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Planning at the center

Robert J. Allio

Canada's Department of Industry, Trade, and Commerce (DITC) is similar in many ways to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Planning Review's Editorial Director accosted…

A Conserver Society: Some implications for the packaging industry

J. Graham Smith

A recent article described some of the work undertaken by GAMMA for the Federal Government of Canada concerning the prospects of adopting a ‘Conserver Society’ as a future…

Acquisitions: Is 50/50 good enough?

Darryl J. Ellis, Peter P. Pekar

Over the past 90 years, 50% of all mergers have been judged failures by the executives responsible for them.

Five often overlooked benefits of planning

Walter B. Schaffir

At its best, planning becomes an integrating, catalytic, creative, developmental, driving force in managing enterprise. Rather than being endured as a mandated, annual…


Six stops in the planning game

Harold W. Henry

Attitudes about long‐range planning systems have changed since this author's 1967 book on the subject, Long‐Range Planning Practices In 45 Industrial Companies (Prentice‐Hall).

NASCP installs New Officers

New Officers — It is traditional — and most certainly prudent — for formal NASCP Chapter activities which peaked with the Washington Conference in May to subside during…



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