Planning Review: Volume 6 Issue 3


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The myth of stability


Our planning systems are predicated upon a variety of myths. One of the most cherished is the myth of stability: “Business as usual” is a very comforting notion…

Focus on future business — North or South?

Andre van Dam

The world press courteously chronicled the petering out of the Conference on International Economic Cooperation in June of 1977 and turned its attention to more violent headlines.

Canada's uncertain industrial prospects

James M. Gilmour

For the past two years the Science Council of Canada has been engaged in a broadly‐based study of Canadian manufacturing industry. The Council sensed along with other…

Debunking the monolithic mogul

L. Daniel Maxim, William Cartwright

The past few years have witnessed a substantial growth in development and use of computerized financial planning models. Success stories involving the use of planning…

A new route to the bottom line

S. Ranji

Planners and managers may be prisoners of their companies' accounting systems and not even know it. This is particularly true in companies that can make a variety of…



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