Planning Review: Volume 6 Issue 2


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The future of futurists

William G. Sharwell

Robert Louis Stevenson observed that, “With the present so exacting, who would annoy himself about the future.” Yet, all of us are annoying ourselves with the future, and…

Balancing international risk and profit

F.T. Haner

Transnational corporations (TNCs) are recognizing the necessity of stratifying countries according to level of risk exposure so that they may optimize planning for:

Society's five‐sided attack on management

Roy Amara

As changes occur in the society in which management functions, changes must occur in the nature of management. To discern how these changes may come about, we need to…

PIMS: Through a different looking glass

Thomas H. Naylor

The January issue of Planning Review contained an article by Bradley T. Gale which described the PIMS Program of SPI. Utilizing a database of strategic information on over…

Cross‐sectional analysis: The new frontier in planning

Bradley T. Gale

Cross‐Sectional vs. Time‐Series Analysis. The strategic position of a business is not immutable. It can be altered by external changes in the market it serves, the…

A second look at U.S. energy

John P. Henry, David E. Raphael

Over the next five to ten years, critical decisions made concerning U.S. energy will have profound effects on government, business, and the American people. Many recent…

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Long range planning must include planning for personnel development and organizational structural changes. Basically, this involves 3 steps. The first is to objectively…

Are you running a company or a cloister? (Twenty ways to get in touch with the world)

Jay S. Mendell

Decide if you are running a company or a cloister. The American Management Associations estimated that 70% of a company's destiny is controlled by external affairs and 30…



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