Planning Review: Volume 5 Issue 6


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There's no room for guesswork at IBM

Abraham Katz

A planning and control system pervades the entire organizational structure at IBM. It serves as a primary communication link between corporate and operating unit…

Scanning the capital horizon

Allen Sinai

The capital shortage is an issue that surfaced in 1974, during a period of shortages and bottlenecks for basic commodities and production materials in key industries;…

Voluntary simplicity

Duane Elgin, Arnold Mitchell

Planning Review initiates with this article on voluntary simplicity a series prepared by Stanford Research Institute's research staff. The articles will address emerging…

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Equitable Bancorporation, a multi bank holding company, has a fully computerized human resource information system (HRIS) which is barely a year old. The system is paying…

Now more planners scale the corporate heights

Darryl J. Ellis, Peter P. Pekar

Out of the minds of chief executives comes the direction the corporation will take—be it expansion into new markets, expansion of current operations, acquisition of new…

Self‐taught planning

George C. Sawyer

An important component of an effective corporate planning system is the training of line and staff managers in planning concepts and techniques necessary for effective…



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