Planning Review: Volume 5 Issue 4


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The hatching of public opinion

Graham T.T. Molitor

The Need for Anticipating Public Policy Change. In today's fast‐paced world merely muddling through—benevolent neglect, as some have described it—is too erratic, too…

Bridging Canada's predictable pitfalls

Michael C. McCracken

In examining the prospects for Canada's economy in the coming decade, a number of areas of concern can be identified. Other major issues are likely to appear, but six…

Miracles for feeding multitudes

Geoffrey N. Calvert

The coming world struggle for food will be closely interwoven with inflation, with naked political power, with oil, with horrifying, excruciating choices for America, with…

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Incremental budgeting can be used to project changes in the operations of a firm over a specific period of time. The main use of this approach has been to analyze…

Priorities and performance don't always jibe

Donald P. Evarts

Does an industry's financial performance reflect its top management's expressed business priorities? A recent study of manufacturing companies in the Process‐Control…

Hounding theoretical economists

Milton Leontiades

An economist who makes such an insightful remark on his profession is not without promise. On balance, however, in this book Lekachman does not deliver the much needed…



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