Planning Review: Volume 5 Issue 3


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Preventing the Mother Hubbard situation

F.T. Haner

Strategic variables affecting business more strongly today than in the past are inflation, global competition, and an increasingly restrictive business environment…

The galloping Cyberneticist

Robert J. Allio

Planning Review intercepted Stafford Beer after his recent luncheon address to the Montreal chapters of NASCP and PEI to extract his current views on planning and the…

Tracking venture strategy

Darryl J. Ellis, Peter P. Pekar

In some companies planners review proposed decisions as well as administering long‐ and short‐range strategy formulations. A case in point is the following example, in…

Winning strategies

Melvin E. Salveson

Strategy is how to win. Strategy is the course of action, the use of resources, the timing, the structure that tends to lead to success in any competitive situation…

Directing a decision drama

Lyle Yorks

This is the second of two articles on the preparation and delivery of effective presentations. Assuming the presentation has been thoroughly prepared, the problem becomes…

Steering spaceship earth: Report on the Fifth International Planning Conference

Robert H. Donaldson

The conference report, by Bob Donaldson of the host Cleveland chapter, notes that the delegates came from 19 different countries, with less than half from the United…

Computing who deserves the cold stars

William F. Christopher

Budgetary control systems measure organization performance in financial terms, by accounting standards. The assumptions on which such budget structures and reporting…


Sixth Annual Conference on Planning. Professional planners from around the world will be gathering in Honolulu from November 13–17, 1977 for the sixth annual International…

Convincing management to think future

Jay S. Mendell

There is almost unanimous agreement among futurists that without strong support from the top of the organization, a futures group cannot survive. But it is difficult to…



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