Planning Review: Volume 5 Issue 1


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Toward a planful society

Charles E. Reed

Our societies, our institutions, and our planners face a challenge of historic proportions from the momentous economic, social, and technological forces of our time. How…

The planner minding the store

Robert M. Randall, Robert J. Allio

By asking Donald V. Seibert, Chairman of the Board of JCPenney, a number of variations on the basic question, “How do you plan?” this magazine continues its series of…

Planning the picking order for the company totem pole

Fred E. Lee

“People are our most valuable asset” is a common expression used by most chief executives. Yet how much is really spent keeping track of this “most valuable asset”? What…

Electronic librarian

Barrett, Charles H., Budgets work best if management takes part in making them, Newspaper Controller, Vol. 27, No. 10 (July 1976), pp. 2–3, 10. The most significant…

Planners and futurists can co‐engineer time bridges

André van Dam

The most apparent difference between planning and futurism is their respective time horizons. Whereas corporate plans span, on an average, three to seven years, many…


How to tap Big Brother for information

Matthew J. Lesko

Many planners, although aware of the importance of external information, continue to make decisions without using this resource. Such situations exist because planners…


A full day workshop on Strategic and Operational Planning in Commercial Banks and Other Financial Institutions will be held on January 11, 1977. Topics include…

North American Society for Corporate Planning

The Society is a non‐profit professional and educational association formed in 1966. Today membership exceeds 1,600 individuals interested in improving their competence as…



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