Planning Review: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Business and society in transformation

Willis W. Harman

Although most of us have to be concerned primarily with the welfare of our own organizations, we recognize that these organizations prosper only as the society as a whole…

Corporate planning models: A survey

Thomas H. Naylor, M. James Mansfield

Through direct personal contact we have identified over 2000 corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe that are either using, developing, or planning to…

Simulation: When all else fails

Robert D. Smith, James G. Morris

Traditionally, corporate planning was, and sometimes still is, a curious blend of aspiration, perspiration, and inspiration. In this age of Future Shock these virtues are…

Rationality, irrationality, and the policy formulation process in large organizations

William K. Hall

In almost all discussions of the processes of organizational planning and policy formulation, one is eventually confronted with two contradictory points of view. On one…

Pay satisfaction

H. Jack Shapiro

Pay satisfaction is of vital concern to the individual employee, the individual employer, and, in turn, the entire economic structure. Although much research has been…


Milton Leontiades

This suspenseful message of Edward R. Bagley's Beyond the Conglomerates is misleading. What is heralded as a view of the corporate future is primarily an extension of the present.



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