Planning Review: Volume 4 Issue 2


Table of contents

Revamping planning for this era of discontinuity

M.J. Kami

Hard times inevitably make a planner's job more hectic. During this current downturn and recovery in both the U.S. and world economies, many corporate plans have been…


Technology assessment: A new imperative in corporate planning

George E. Humphries

There is an evolutionary progression in corporate planning for new technology which goes: technology forecast, technology feasibility study, economic feasibility study…

Planning in an age of discontinuity

L.R. Wilson

When a planner becomes chief operating officer, that's good news. It is valuable to see how he views planning from his new role. The age of discontinuity presents special…

Biorhythms and corporate planning

J.A. Schnepper

“Tell me surely what will happen tomorrow morning and by nightfall I shall rule the world.” Knowledge of the future is control over it. The aim of corporate planning is to…

Socioeconomic trends and corporate strategies

Irwin Goldman

Many of the problems facing corporations today are the familiar ones: rising costs, reduced profit margins, intensified competition made more keen by the recession and…

The use of input‐output in industrial planning

A. George Gols

An informal survey conducted by Arthur D. Little, Inc., about three years ago showed that there were 200 corporations in the United States that, at one time or another…



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