Planning Review: Volume 4 Issue 1


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Changing life ways and corporate planning

Arnold Mitchell

The driving force in our society is no longer technology, economic growth, production, income, invention, and the like. Instead the driving force seems to lie in the inner…

Food and agriculture in the next quarter century

Kenneth R. Farrell

In 1972 the world food situation made an about‐face, turning from surpluses and low prices to relative scarcity and high prices. Those of a Malthusian persuasion judged…

Forecasting for planning: Causal techniques

John C. Chambers, Satinder K. Mullick

In our previous articles we have described how turning points can be identified and how qualitative techniques can be applied when either sudden system changes have…

The triple track to successful modeling and model implementation

R.J. Meyer

How is it possible to have a larger number of successes than failures in building models and using them to increase the accomplishment of business objectives?

Management potential — The gap in your plan

Dennis A. Hawver

Corporate planning has recently been faced with extreme changes in methodology and scope. Planners report that more variables than ever before must now be considered in…



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