Planning Review: Volume 3 Issue 3


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Astrology: A tool for planning

Doris Kaye

Would it surprise you to know that one of the chief functions of serious astrology is to enable an individual to develop better plans? Astrology utilizes accumulated data…

Human Resource Management in the corporate planning process

Calvin Reynolds

This is the first article in the new Human Resources Management Department of Planning Review. The article has three primary objectives: 1) To highlight and emphasize the…


Pragmatism at the center — is it enough?

Carl H. Madden

Both the Congress and the President come across after a few months as extreme pragmatists. Earlier fears of a “veto‐proof” Congress are dissolving. Huge mandates last…

Communications — The art of getting through to people — Part II

John D. Drake

In the last issue of Planning Review, a new concept in facilitating communication was discussed. This concept, called “I‐SPEAK Your Language,” concerns the modification of…

Goals for global society: A third‐generation project for the Club of Rome

Rudolf W. Knoepfel

Modeling of long‐range world trends began in a rigorous way in 1968, when the Club of Rome initiated the Forrester and Meadows studies which resulted in the computer…

A Proposal for future‐oriented research at the United Nations

Ervin Laszlo

The Need for Future‐Oriented Research and Information. Intranational and international crises and conflicts will increase sharply during the next several decades unless we…

The no growth economy

According to one school of thought, a state of slow growth, or perhaps even zero growth, will characterize economic life some time during the 21st century, maybe early in…


Janice J. Tait

Report on the Conference “Technology Assessment and the Limits to Growth” The conference was attended by some 400 representatives of business, government, and private…

Business and the new federalism

Dan W. Lufkin

We are coming into an era in which business will have unprecedented opportunity to deal with government on a creative and profitable basis. What has made this opportunity…

Do corporate executives plan for social responsibility?

Harry A. Lipson

The corporate planning process in large U.S. industrial firms must take a wide range of demands and pressures into account. Many different groups have an interest in the…



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