Planning Review: Volume 3 Issue 2


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Communications — The art of getting through to people

John D. Drake

Trite as it may sound, it is undeniable that the success of any corporate planner, and indeed any key executive, depends on his ability to communicate effectively…

New concepts for strategic planning

Kjell‐Arne Ringbakk

Corporate planning is in trouble. My research on corporate planning practices in North American corporations shows that:

A new look at cash, profit, growth, risk, and time

John M. May

The events and trends of 1974 caused traditional corporate objectives to be changed rather drastically, and the remaining years of the 1970s promise further changes in how…

Reflections on planning: The value of uncertainty

Kenneth E. Boulding

I have been involved lately in a committee which is thinking about planning for my university, so I have been forced to think about planning myself. Planning is a good or…

Suddenly last winter: A scenario for the 1980s

Merritt L. Kastens

It is said that the prospect of being hanged does wonders to sharpen the mind. Some people — apparently including the FAO — can still address the food “problem” in the…

Forecasting for planning

John C. Chambers, Satinder K. Mullick

Forecasting is important to planning in a number of ways, such as the projection of environments, sales, costs, or profits for new or established products. However, the…


Market share, profitability, and business strategy: Determinants of profitability

Most businessmen believe there is a very strong relationship between high market share and increased profitability. Indeed, this connection is supported by findings from…

Model makers keep trying to see the future

Between now and the year 2025, according to computer printouts from the latest large mathematical model designed to predict future world development, these ponderables are…


What the Future Holds for Today's Managers. In the January 1975 issue of Manager's Forum, a distinguished group of futurists speculated on some of the potential forces…



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