Planning Review: Volume 23 Issue 5


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Leading Strategic Change: Innovation. Value. Growth

Bernard C. Reimann

This year's Planning Forum conference had a most timely theme: “Leading Strategic Change.” The focus on leadership and change provided a unifying thrust to the many ways…

Leading Strategic Change: Something old, something new

William R. Howell

Change seldom happens the way we expect, and plans are rarely executed exactly as we intend. That's the thing about change: it always retains that element of the…

Keeping the lead in an ever‐changing global landscape

Lester M. Alberthal

About five years ago, we at EDS began to rethink our corporate direction. We looked at our competencies and considered how to best apply them to leverage market…

Leading strategic change in America's Army: The way forward

General Gordon R. Sullivan

Professor, consultant, and best‐selling author Richard T. Pascale has closely observed General Sullivan's efforts to do the impossible: to transform the largest and most…

Catching the ninth wave: Information, technology, and strategic change

Ira T. Siegel

Sailors long ago believed that one day a wave would come along that was far greater than any that had preceded it. They called it the ninth wave—the most powerful result…

Surviving in a turbulent environment

Lester C. Thurow

An anonymous Chinese quotation aptly describes the state of mind of many of us today. About 1,000 years ago, it was said, “When a big fish is pulled from the water, it…

Peter Schwartz offers two scenarios for the future

B. Joseph Pine

In his keynote presentation “An Age of Instability?” Peter Schwartz, president of the Global Business Network and world‐renowned scenario planner, began by asking the…

Getting the most out of scenarios: Advice from the experts

Audrey Schriefer

This conference session was an in‐depth discussion of how practitioners can get the most value from scenario planning. Participants were Bill Ralston, SRI International;…

Building change from grassroots: The use of the Web

Sally Helgesen

Over the last couple of decades, there's been an enormous emphasis on leadership: studying leadership, dissecting leadership, learning from leaders. We've learned a lot…

Creating the boundaryless organization: The radical reconstruction of organization capabilities

Steven Kerr, David Ulrich

Steven Kerr, Vice President of Leadership Development at General Electric and David Ulrich, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan's School of…



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