Planning Review: Volume 23 Issue 4


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Making Travis work: Lessons from the leaders in new product development

Joyce Ranney, Mark Deck

Riding on the coattails of TQM and reeengineering, teams seem to have become the organizational structure of choice. But is a team always the best choice for the job? What…

Executive Leadership Teams: Exorcising demons, exercising minds

Ellen Hart

Group process is critical to the optimal functioning of executive leadership teams, yet many meetings of these teams never get beyond two‐way dialogue. What gets in the…

TRIADS: Self‐organizing structures that create value

Douglas A. Saarel

Companies are spending thousands of hours and millions of dollars on “process improvement” and “team building.” But are these techniques the universal answer to creating…

Expert Innovation Teams: A new way to increase productivity dramatically

Frederick D. Buggie

This methodology takes “thinking outside the box” in a new direction. Expert teams composed of leading thinkers from many disciplines are brought together to suggest…

Competing On Service: Technology and teamwork in supplementary services

Christopher Lovelock

Do your customers experience a seamless delivery of your products and services? Or are they frustrated by thoughtless employees or cumbersome processes? Evaluate your…


Beyond relationship marketing… Anticipating what customers want

Connie Freid, Stan Freid

These specialists in marketing and customer intelligence challenge Don Peppers' and Martha Rogers' reliance on past customer behavior, as suggested in their recent article…



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