Planning Review: Volume 23 Issue 2


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Marketing's core role in strategic reengineering

Daniel O. Leemon

Leading edge corporations in a variety of industries are discovering the advantages of using their strategic marketing initiatives to direct their reengineering efforts…

A new marketing paradigm: Share of customer, not market share

Don Peppers, Martha Rogers

A new marketing paradigm called “one‐to‐one marketing,” or “relationship marketing,” shows promise as an innovative alternative to mass marketing. This one‐to‐one approach…


How to redesign your organization to match customer needs

Ken Toombs, George Bailey

A few innovative companies are using sophisticated measurements of customer‐perceived value—such as conjoint analysis—to redesign segments of their organizations.

Planning in a global business

Daniel Simpson

In global businesses there's often a question about what you can plan for on a worldwide basis and what needs to be managed on a local basis. How does a company know it…

Software tools and systems: Ten key trends

Alistair Davidson, Mary Chung

Operating information systems that incorporate powerful new software to support, shape, or help implement an organization's strategy is an intensively cross‐functional…

Software tools for the strategic manager

Alistair Davidson, Sharon Weller‐Cody

Making selections for an annual listing of software that will be particularly useful to strategic managers is always a challenging task. The software chosen represents a…

On the threshold of the 21st century: A surprising wealth of business opportunities

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

A decade of political changes that have enhanced the climate for free market capitalism have fostered unprecedented international business opportunities in every region of…



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