Planning Review: Volume 23 Issue 1


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How to reshape your business to fit the future

Gary Hamel, Robert M. Randall

This leading business thinker urges managers to seek breakthrough strategies for creating the markets of tomorrow. Reinvent your company and your industry, urges Gary…

A new model for reforming the planning review process

Marcus Alexander, Andrew Campbell, Michael Goold

Planning review meetings between business unit managers and corporate managers are notoriously disappointing. The main problem isn't the design of the process or the…

The planning process and the role of the planner

Daniel Simpson

The planning process is usually an integrated mixture of top‐down issues prepared at the senior levels of the organization, and bottom‐up work that goes on within the…


Will participative makeovers of business processes succeed where reengineering failed?

Thomas H. Davenport

In most cases, neither top‐down reengineering nor bottom‐up individualized processes and information systems best serve most companies' change purposes. What we need are…

CHINA: Five scenarios for managing risks

Doug Randall, Piero Telesio

Investors the world over are jockeying for their share of the giant emerging market in China. But China's explosive political, economic, and social forces could propel it…

Asian investment: Lessons from the Japanese experience

Joseph Raudabaugh

The big question is, will the history of three decades of foreign investment opportunity in Japan repeat itself in countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia?



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