Planning Review: Volume 22 Issue 6


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That's not “turbulence,” Chicken Little, it's really opportunity

Henry Mintzberg

To pronounce any environment permanently turbulent is as silly as calling it permanently stable. Environments are always changing in some dimensions while remaining stable…

New success criteria for a turbulent world

Robert Theobald

We are facing a new kind of turbulence—a combination of social, technical, political, and market change—that is different than any experienced in previous human history…

How digital uses scenarios to rethink the present

Lucia Luce Quinn, David H. Mason

This case study of scenario planning at Digital shows how top management uses the process for testing, probing, pushing, and provoking strategic thinking about the future…

Strategic direction: Don't reengineer without it

Saul Berman

These three firms found that they needed to select their strategic direction before reengineering.

How to identify and enhance core competencies

Dan Simpson

The following exchange of opinions at The Planning Forum's International Strategic Management Conference was condensed from the “Dilemmas of Planning” session, chaired by…

AT&T uses shareholder value as a guide to strategy

Thomas E. Copeland, James J. Meenan

AT&T decided to integrate shareholder value management into all levels of its decision making—from the board room to its line managers. Substantial changes in…

Reengineering challenge: The leader as detective

Craig D. Henry

Executives leading reengineering efforts should consider novel role models—such as that of detective. The author suggests that CEOs could take lessons from Raymond…

Opportunities for customer segmentation strategies

Joseph Raudabaugh

Customer segmentation has recently become an invaluable tool for marketers in Japan. Evolving market and customer needs are transforming the country's retail and service paradigm.



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